The difference between fashion and style

There are many terms in the clothing, fashion and fashion industry that sometimes, due to ignorance, many people confuse or equate. These terms include fashion, fashion, and style, which many people do not take into account and sometimes consider to be so different from each other. Stay tuned for the rest of this article to explore the differences between the terms.

Mode and fashion

Fashion means that as a small member of a community, you use a variety of clothing, clothing, hairstyles, and so on that sets you apart from others in the community. The important thing to keep in mind is that fashion has an expiration date. That is, what is known today as fashion is no longer fashion a month later, and is perfectly normal in society. Fashion is basically a French word that means the method of taste and style. In general, the “fashion” we know in a society refers to the sudden and frequent change in the tastes of all or some people in a society.


Style generally means style and model. The term is used not only in the fashion world but also in other areas of appearance. Style is for oneself, and everyone chooses their style according to their own rules of life. In fact, everyone has a kind of visual signature for themselves with the style they choose. Having a personal style is important because you are introducing yourself to 80% of your personality by choosing a style for yourself. There are many general styles in the world to cover, the most important of which are the classic, minimalist, maximalist and bold styles.

The difference between fashion and style

Let’s revisit the meanings of the terms fashion and style. Fashion is actually about allowing companies and designers to design and choose clothes for you according to their own tastes, and in contrast to style, it means that you choose clothes for yourself with your own thoughts and thoughts and recognizing your inner characteristics. These two terms, in addition to semantic differences, also have many apparent differences. Other differences between the two terms include time. Style has no expiration date and grows, and its change depends on factors such as gender, age and culture, but fashion changes from season to season and expires. Another difference between fashion and fashion is that fashion and fashion focus more on appearance, and the effort of all fashion designers and designers is that you choose the right clothes for your clothing trends, but this is different from style. In your style,

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